Kids Kit

Introducing the Christine. A Moore Millinery Kids kit! These kits include everything your little one needs to create their very own hat! 

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Tips and Tricks

Before you begin, lay everything out on a flat surface and match pieces to the included chart

Read the directions at least once through before you start your hat project, this will help you become familiar with the steps you will be working on to make your hat.

A clothes pin or paper clip can be used to secure seams or hold anything in place while you sew.

Don't forget to tie a knot in your yarn each time before you begin stitching.

Remember to take your time, if you have to go back to fix something, or start again, that's ok! Practice makes perfect!

Extra yarn is provided in most of the kits for you to express your creativity! Use a contrasting color, or test your sewing skills by using two colors of yarn at the same time!

Follow along with Christine to make the Cloche style kids kit!

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