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History & Development of the

Christine A. Moore Millinery Kids Hat-Making Kit

World-renown Master Milliner, First-ever Featured Milliner of the Kentucky Derby,  Christine Moore designed the first group of hat-making kits from a class she was asked to teach at the Michener Museum in Doylestown, Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia in the early 2000’s.


At that time the museum was featuring a millinery retrospective exhibition.  The museum asked Christine to speak to a group of adults about hat-making and the business of millinery.  They  also asked her to speak to a group of children ages 6 to 12.  Speaking to the adults, was easy, but keeping the kids attention with a lecture she suspected would be another issue.  Christine's solution was to think of a way to have them physically involved in a  hands-on project.  At first she thought of having them just trim a hat,  however millinery is much more that just trimming a hat and she wanted them to have a fuller experience.  It is really about creating the shape itself and then the trim. She thought anyone can figure out how to trim a hat but to learn the construction is what lured her into the craft, and she wanted to pass this along in some easy and fun form. Plus, she thought it would be  a chance to introduce and develop sewing skills in a unique way. Sewing is one of the most undervalued basic  life-skills. Everyone should know basic stitches and how to tie off a piece of thread.  Hey, it can be another avenue to learning while playing she thought!


The Kids Hat Making Kit was born! Both speeches were a success!  The  kit  was  so  loved  by the kids that more were ordered to do at home. Christine realized that other people would enjoy the  kits so she offered it at the stores that sell her hat collections.  But as her collections grew, the kits were put to the side only to be sold to a few 

organizations & schools by word of mouth until now.  


2020 has been a year that has allowed her and most designers to revisit things.  Not only did Christine revisit her beloved kits, she designed two more styles! She now offers  a Beret and a Golfer cap - both trendy and classic! The two original styles are the Cloche/Bucket hat and the Fisherman's hat.

We hope you will give the kit a go -

maybe try all 4 styles!

For volume prices or questions email us at

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