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A Chat With Leal Boutique

In these uncertain times finding the good in every situation, even in every moment can become a daunting task, as we all are faced with indefinite school/business closures, mandated self quarantine and a barrage of information from every possible media source. It can be overwhelming, and carries the potential to discourage us from even the most mundane things. Which is why we have set out to bring you a little light and encouragement from our network of businesses and partners, who like you, are finding themselves with the question “Well what do we do now?” Each week, we will share with you, our conversations with them on how they are staying positive in our current situation, as well as ways you can continue to enjoy their unique shopping experiences. 

   Up first is Leal Boutique. Storeowner, Connie Leal, graciously agreed to an interview to discuss how her store is working through our current situation. Located in upper Arlington, Ohio, a very old suburb of Columbus, Leal Boutique is a one stop shop for all things ladies apparel. Leal brands themselves as a full service woman’s apparel store.  They carry everything from dressy dresses, to sweat pants, shoes, jewelry, and of course hats! 26 years of business has brought her 3 generations of loyal, loving customers, all of whom she has fostered deep connections with.  In an effort to maintain these relationships, as well as to continue a personal  one on one shopping experience, Connie is offering two contact-less shopping experiences. The first is through a private, one-on-one appointment in the store. Connie assures us that the store has been thoroughly cleaned, and has disposable gloves available for use during the appointment. Keep in mind, to maintain a safe environment, no others will be permitted in the store during the appointment. The second, is a personally curated box of clothing that is hand-picked by her that can be delivered to your home. This gives you the opportunity to try on pieces from the comfort and safety of your own home, and even share this experience with your family. “ Try-on for your kids, try-on for your parents, try-on for your husband, and keep what makes you happy” 

   “I would not be honest if I didn’t say it was a little scary,” Connie admits when asked about her thoughts on the current situation. However, by implementing these little changes in her day-to-day sales for the time being she hopes to cheer people up and give them something to look forward to. Soon they will be able to get out and wear these beautiful clothes. Something we can all look forward to is the new date for the Franklin Parks Conservatory hat day, now scheduled for September 11th. Connie is optimistic that this new date will bring an even better event, with hopefully a better outcome for the weather! 

   Ultimately, the store is taking this time to make an effort to stay connected with customers and to keep an optimistic outlook on when we are able to come back together and rejoin each other. When asked what she is most looking forward to when the store does reopen, Connie replied “ Having customers walk in, and her hear about what has been going on in their lives. Its so much a part of the experience when you come in to Leal, that we catch up on what is going on, and I am really involved and care so much about everybody’s lives, and I miss that.” I think we all can agree, that getting back to a regular routine is something we are all looking forward to, and hopefully this experience will leave us all a little more grateful for the small things in life. 

For more information on how to schedule a private appointment,  to shop, or to have a personally curated box delivered to your house by Leal's, contact Connie Leal by email at connie@lealboutique.comor by phone at 614-488-6400.

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