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A Chat with Encounter

Saratoga Springs' Encounter Boutique carries unique clothing to meet a variety of needs, from everyday casual to night-out-on-the-town. You can find a variety of designers that pair exceptionally well with Christine A. Moore Millinery, including Samantha Sung, Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi, and Loyd Ford.  Beth Harr, Owner is always looking to carry designers that you don’t see in other places, striving to bring in a “little bit of a unique style for everyone.” Don’t let this distinctive flair fool you though, Beth takes pride knowing the pieces she chooses for her store will be with you for years to come. For Beth they are investment pieces, and pieces of art as well. As Christine Moore says “Its interesting and defining of the store, there is something about it that you always know you got it at Encounter.”

Saratoga Springs known for horse racing as well as all their other summer offerings has quickly become a year round vacation destination. Beth’s eye for interesting and distinct pieces carries through each season, and in a chameleon –like way, adapts to the different visitors each wave of vacationers brings. Beth now considers a lot of her clients friends, and enjoys having travelers and locals alike visit the store. Saratoga’s bustling atmosphere, paired with clients that reach across the country led Beth to create the Boutique Box by Encounter. It’s not quite like the traditional subscription boxes you see just about every time you open up social media, there is no monthly or seasonal requirement, and each box is hand picked for you by Beth. “There are only 3-4 of us working in the store so its very, very personal.” Customers can choose when to have their boxes shipped, and let Beth and her staff know what picks they would like. It’s a great way to extend the personal experience and styling expertise Beth has honed over the 16 years Encounter has been in business. “Fashion styling is like forensics,” says Christine, pointing out that it takes both intuition and a detailed study of the person to be able to create a customer profile - and then make the perfect choices for them. Whether in person (when the store re-opens of course) or through a carefully curated box, know that you will be in great hands when you shop at Encounter!

At this time, racing is scheduled as usual for Saratoga. “We are looking forward to track season coming up,” Beth says with a smile. A well established summer spot for many, Saratoga Springs will no doubt be bustling this summer as we hopefully emerge out of a long stretch of safe social distancing and isolation. Beth says to look for bright colors this summer, as she believes people will be looking for something happy and uplifting. When asked what she is most looking forward to when the store re-opens, Beth says that seeing everyone again and making personal connections is at the top of her list. 

For more information about Encounter Boutique and the Boutique Box visit

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