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A Chat With Barbara/Jean

Barabara/Jean store owner Tiffany Robinson sat down with us today on Zoom to bring a little insight as tohow their store is doing given our current national situation. In business for almost 50 years, Barbara/Jean provides Little Rock, Arkansas and the surrounding area with a one stop shopping experience for women’s high-end apparel and accessories. They carry everything from casual to formal, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and of course hats! “Whatever occasion arises, we've got you covered!” says Tiffany.

As of this writing and unlike a lot of retailers across the country, Barbara/Jean is fortunate to still be open for regular business. “We’re not there yet, we’re fortunate to be a smaller state, a less populated state, we’re in a different place, and we are fortunate that we are still open.” Tiffany, and her staff, most of which have been there for 10+ years, are thankful to be open and in the store. They are doing everything they can right now to stay open, and keep staff on, and do as much as they can for their customers. 

  Even with day-to-day routines staying relatively normal, Tiffany emphasizes that communication is key. “The number one thing we are trying to do right now, is to reach out to our customers” Some of their customers have been with them for years, and they are doing everything they can to touch base and make sure they are OK, in all aspects. Things like keeping up with social media, providing curbside pick up for orders, and simple phone calls to make sure customers have the supplies they need, are all the ways the store continues to maintain the strong, personal relationships they have built over those years. 

  Following an Arkansas Department of Health directive, Oaklawn Racing and Casino has temporarily closed, and postponed the Arkansas Derby to May 2nd. Tiffany is optimistic though, and believes that customers will be ready and raring to go when the event time comes. “I think by May 2nd, people are going to be so ready to get dressed up and get out of the house.” She is really enthusiastic and hopeful that when the situation does getback to normal that people are going to want to go experience something fun, with a hat on! Tiffany loves dressing customers and putting together outfits for the races, and is thankful for the gorgeous hats that we provide for the store. They are really grateful to have such a fun track near them, and dressing for the races has grown to be a part of the culture in Arkansas.

 In the meantime, Tiffany and the rest of the Barbara/Jean staff will continue to remain positive and encourage their customers to do the same. “I think there is just going to be such a sense of celebration, once we’re able to all get back together, and we are really going to appreciate and enjoy each others company so much more than we ever have before.”

For more information on Barbara/Jean, visit their site

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