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  • Christine A. Moore

Equestricon and Saratoga

Hey have you heard about Equestricon? Every racing fan and enthusiast in the country is talking about it! This inaugural event kicks off this coming August 13-15 in beautiful and quaint Saratoga Springs NY, home of Saratoga Race Course. If you have never been to Saratoga Springs or to the track it is another must see! The town has great shopping, fashion, dining and music. During some of the stakes races they even close off streets for outdoor bands! The track in Saratoga opened in 1863 and is the third oldest track in the country, even older than Churchill Downs! The town is known as “the Queen of the Spas.” It has a rich heritage as a health resort and gambling center for much of the 19th and 20th centuries.

So, if you are a fan of thoroughbred racing or just want to know more about the sport Equestricon will be a great event for you to attend. The organizers are some of the best ambassadors for the sport! We run into them at every track we attend across the country. Their website says convention attendees will get to meet and network with owners, trainers, jockeys and all kinds of people from the sport. It really will be a “who’s who” of racing! I have said for some time that we need an event where all the tracks can meet to network in a collaborative way with each other, their individual and collective fan bases. I also think It will be great to see west coast and east coast fashionistas meet in Saratoga! Equestricon 17 has great potential to be the vehicle where all this and more can happen! I am positive this will be the first of many, so make sure you check out their website for all the details.

Even the smallest fans have the best fashion!

Contestant at last year's Fashion Show , wearing Christine of course!

I plan to be there to meet racing fashion fans, and to show my 2017 Spring Collection. I will also be in town during the summer for Trunk Shows during some of the Stakes races. I have been selling to stores in Saratoga since 2005 and involved with charity events at the track for years. You can see my collections in Saratoga at Saratoga Trunk located at 493 Broadway and Encounter Boutique at 482 Broadway Both have different pieces from my collection and each store has a different feel and customer.

Top: Myself with Owner of Saratoga Trunk, Natalie Sillery

Right: At Encounter Boutique , Summer 2016

The summer fashion at the track is a wonderful mix of summer picnic attire meets bowtie and elegant hat wearers. A lot of people draw similarities between Saratoga and Keeneland- they all talk about the beauty of the tracks and the conservative clean looks of their fashion. And when it comes to drinks, and dining in Saratoga everyone going to or coming from the track has a drink at Siro’s. When it comes to food – I go to Hattie’s.

The dining is laid back and the chicken is the best – they even beat Bobbie Flay in a “fried chicken throw down”, and that is a hard thing to do! Sit in the front at Hattie’s for a homey kitchen feel and in the back for a summer party fest! I also love the bar at Max London’s – also a great place to have a drink and dinner. Saratoga has so much great indoor and outdoor dining, and shopping and everyone is always friendly. It is the perfect place for a laid-back summer vacation. Just remember to wear your hat!

America's Best Racing backyard photo shoot- Saratoga

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