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Christine A. Moore Millinery HAT OF THE WEEK

"Beretta 2" $380


Our classic Beretta gets a fresh update this season, with a fashionable asymmetrical slouch crown addition! Perfect for the cool fall weather, the silk taffeta band adds someting special to a classic cloche. Beretta 2 is a velour felt asymetrical crown cloche with a silk taffata band and knot



As always, other colors are available. Just ask!



Call us for a "Where to buy" 212-279-1775

Also available at Sonia Rose, 50 North Queen Street, Lancaster, Pa 17603 (717) 394-3700,…/womens-christine-moore-hats.html,

Breeder's Cup 2016 Fashion Tips

  • Purple is the Official color of Breeders' Cup

  • Fedoras are in, especially for Breeders Cup

  • Fascinators are in, but at hat is always a classic option

  • Straw for warm weather: felt for cool ( think straw for Santa Anita)

  • a bow and pocket sqaure are always a timeles look for men

  • Think elegance for your Breeder's Cup experience

  • Women should wear wedges if going to the paddock or walking on grass

  • Everyone loves an event to dress for, and Breeders' Cup fashion is the finest!

  • When wearing a hat, the brom should be worn parallel to the gound and positioned just about the eye brow

  • If you wear glasses or would like some height to your crown, wear your hat sligtly tited to the back of your head, but never let your hairline or bangs show

  • Fascinators should be worn to the side you part your hair on

  • Always choose a hat that fits well, is comfortable, and fits your style

  • Go the extra mile and consider gloves, its the new trend!

  • Each track has their own unique fashion style

  • The right hat can say so many things, choose one that speaks to you and about you

  • A large hat with an outer rim of horsehair can be used asa veil of mystery

  • Men can wear their hat down and to the side for a "Sinatra" look, or up in front for that "Hipster Jazz" look

  • Women can tilt the brim to one side for a bit of sass, or wear the trim to one side of your face

  • Not all hats are appropriate for all situations, choose wisely

  • There is a hat for every head

  • Try on all styles, you may surprise yourself

  • When you wear a hat, the photographers will always find you!

  • " A head without a hat is like a horse without a Jockey!"

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This is Breeders' Cup! - Watch

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Al Roker taking a selfie for us to post ! Love Al!

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Breeders' Cup 2015 Christine with Kate Upton in a version of the "Ginny" from BC15 collection

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