Equestricon and Saratoga

Hey have you heard about Equestricon? Every racing fan and enthusiast in the country is talking about it! This inaugural event kicks off this coming August 13-15 in beautiful and quaint Saratoga Springs NY, home of Saratoga Race Course. If you have never been to Saratoga Springs or to the track it is another must see! The town has great shopping, fashion, dining and music. During some of the stakes races they even close off streets for outdoor bands! The track in Saratoga opened in 1863 and is the third oldest track in the country, even older than Churchill Downs! The town is known as “the Queen of the Spas.” It has a rich heritage as a health resort and gambling center for much of the 19th

How My Creative Process Works, Design Through Construction.

I am often asked where do all the ideas come from for my creations? For me it all starts with – where will this hat be worn? I am known for my racing hats but have many other collections so this question is always where it starts for me. Which collection am I thinking about, and where will this hat be seen? Is it for a wedding, garden party, luncheon, the streets of New York, a race track, a ball – you get the idea. Once I have an image in my mind I do a sketch. I almost always use colored pencils and especially like Prismacolor. A sketch is great for many reasons. It gives a visual representation of my idea for me to see and think about, and it is good for my staff as a starting point to c

The Original Mardi Gras

When you think of Mardi Gras you think of New Orleans and Bourbon Street right? Would it surprise you to know that Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama is the oldest annual carnival celebration in the United States? It started in this beautiful city in 1703, a full fifteen years before Mardi Gras started in New Orleans. For those lucky enough to live in Mobile where they refer to Mardi Gras as Carnival the events run the entire month of February. During the month Mobile hosts a wonderful parade with elaborate floats that loop through the city and a host of events leading up to Fat Tuesday. There are virtually no commercial advertising during the Mobile parade - how refreshing! There are many Mari


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